Campus Events Committee

Review of current COVID-19 guidelines for events and activities on campus as of March 1, 2022

Current restrictions and guidelines for Wayne State University sponsored or affiliated events and activities, whether held at on-campus or at off-campus venues.

General conditions

  • Masking:¬†Masking is optional for indoor events under 50 people, outdoor events and events held at off-campus venues. Masking may be required for indoor events over 50 people.
  • Social distancing: Social distancing is not required but is recommended where possible,
  • Daily Screener: All participants for all events are required to complete the Daily Screener,

Indoor events (excluding academic instruction)

  • Events with less than 50 people do not require prior approval from the CHC.
  • Events with 50 or more people requires approval from the CHC.
  • All indoor events must complete the Campus Daily Screener or Guest Daily Screener, including University sponsored or affiliated events held in off-campus venues.
  • Masking is optional for events under 50 people, CHC may require masking for events of more than 50 people.

Outdoor events

  • Events with less than 100 people do not require prior approval from the Campus Health Committee (CHC).
  • Events with 100 or more people require approval from CHC.
  • Canopies may be used, (a canopy is defined as a temporary structure with a roof and one or no walls).
  • Tents (a canopy with two or more walls) will be treated as indoor spaces (see below) and may require approval from CHC.
  • Rain locations for outdoor events larger than 100 people are not allowed without prior approval from the CHC.
  • Masking is not required for outdoors events.

NOTE: To request event review and approval, please complete the CHC Event Brief form. Please note, approval process will take approximately two weeks.