Campus Events Committee

Review of Current COVID-19 Guidelines for Events and Activities on Campus as of August 11, 2021

Current restrictions and guidelines for Wayne State University sponsored or affiliated events and activities, whether held at on-campus or at off-campus venues.

General conditions

  • Masking: all indoor events require masking, outdoor events do not require masking unless specified by the Campus Health Committee (based on size and density of event),
  • Social Distancing: social distancing is not required but is recommended where possible,
  • Daily Screener*: all participants for all events are required to complete the Daily Screener,
  • Outside groups and organizations are allowed on campus as long as they follow all campus protocols.

Outdoor events

  • Events with less than 50 people do not require prior approval from the Campus Health Committee (CHC),
  • Events with 50 or more people require approval from CHC, 
  • Canopies may be used, (a canopy is defined as a temporary structure with a roof and one or no walls),
  • Tents (a canopy with two or more walls) will be treated as indoor spaces (see below) and may require approval from CHC,
  • Rain locations for outdoor events larger than 50 people are not allowed without prior approval from the CHC,
  • All large-scale events should plan to be held outdoors, rain or shine.

Indoor events (excluding academic instruction):

  • Events with less than 30 people do not require prior approval from the CHC,
  • Events with 30 or more people requires approval from the CHC,
  • All indoor events currently require ALL PERSONS TO WEAR MASKS and to complete the Campus Daily Screener or Guest Daily Screener, including University sponsored or affiliated events held in off-campus venues.

NOTE: To request event review and approval, please complete the CHC Event Brief form. Please note, approval process will take approximately two weeks.

Event organizers will not be responsible for verifying vaccination records, but will be responsible to verify "Green" Daily Screener status.