Our Services

Our team of event planners will help you determine the optimal platform in which to host your virtual event and ensure smooth execution of such components as presentations, pre-recorded content, chat rolls, and monitoring guest waiting rooms and entry.

Once face-to-face events become possible, Special Events will help you determine the optimal venue or meeting space whether on or off campus.

Event Invitations

Invitations are the primary source of advertisement for your event. Special Events can add your virtual or live event to the main event calendar and create an RSVP url or payment site to use in your event promotion/correspondence. Special Events will monitor RSVPs and provide access to RSVP reports upon demand.


Regardless of what type of event you are hosting, Special Events will assist you with your catering needs:

  • By working with the catering vendor to determine the best menu for your guests
  • Dietary restrictions, food allergies, vegan, kosher or halal
  • Will your event be serving cocktails or other alcohol?
  • Special licenses
  • Bartending services

Services and Facilities

  • Graphics design and printing
  • Parking and transportation
  • Audio Visual Services
  • Security considerations
  • Facility operations

Special Events will advise you on all applicable services needed to ensure your event runs smoothly and successfully.